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  • Size of photo storage: unlimited
  • Photo format: JPEG
  • Color Space: sRGB
  • Maximum photo size in px: unlimited
  • Data limit per picture: unlimited
  • Video size limit: unlimited space for videos up to 3 minutes; total limit of 120 minutes for videos 3-15 minutes long. Only the length over 3 minutes is counted against the 120 minute limit.
  • Maximum video size in px: 1920 × 1080 (Full HD)
  • Recommended codec: MPEG4, H.264
  • Video Bitrate: 6 Mb/s

On the Zonerama home page, click “Log In” at the top right. This opens the login window. Click the “Forgot your password?” link in the bottom left part of the login window’s right side. In the next step, enter your email address. We’ll then immediately send you an email with a link. Click that link. It takes you to a webpage. Use that webpage to set your new password. If this email does not reach you, please check the Spam folder of your email inbox.

Log in to your Zonerama gallery and click your profile picture at the top right. (If you haven’t set a profile picture yet, this will be a gray face.) Then click Zoner Account Settings.) This takes you to your Zoner Account ((account.zoner.com). Use your email address on the top right and then click Settings. Use “Change password” or “Change your account ID” here to change your email or password.

Log in to Zonerama and click “My Photos” towards the top right. Then click the pencil towards the top right. It stands for “Edit Profile.” Use the second text box at the top to set your gallery’s address on Zonerama. For example, write “mygallery” here to set the address “mygallery.zonerama.com.”


You can upload an unlimited number of pictures in the JPG format to Zonerama. We do not compress these pictures in any way, and you can always download them from Zonerama at full resolution.

Zonerama also provides you unlimited space for videos up to 3 minutes in length, at HD quality (1920 x 1080 px), MPEG4, H.264. You can also upload videos up to 15 minutes long. Your space for these is limited: 120 total minutes.

No. Zonerama offers you unlimited space for free, and ad-free.

  1. Zoner Photo Studio 14/15/16/17: To upload photos to Zonerama or download photos from it, use version 14, 15, or 16 of the Zoner Photo Studio photo editor and manager. (Get it at www.zoner.com.)
  2. The Zonerama website: Log in to www.zonerama.com, click the "Upload Photos" button at the top right, and then click "Select Files." Then just find and mark photos on your computer. You can also easily upload photos by dragging them in from a Windows browser window. There are several ways to display such a window. For example, open the Windows Start menu and use the “Computer” item on its right.

Yes. On the Zonerama website, you can use the “Upload Photos” button to upload videos as well.

Files that are in the JPG format and the sRGB color space are not altered by Zonerama in any way. It stores these files as-is and retains their original resolution, EXIF data, and other metadata such as GPS coordinates and colored labels. Photos that are in the Adobe RGB color space are not suitable for presentation, for a number of reasons. Zonerama does not support storage of them, and it converts them to the sRGB color space. This cause re-saving of each such photograph and corresponding consequences, such as a change in file size.

Your profile is automatically included in searches if you have at least one album set as public. To ensure that your gallery can be found by the public, click your profile picture at the top right (this is a gray face if you haven’t set a picture yet), then click “Zonerama Settings.” Then make sure the option “Make my gallery visible on the Internet (Google, Zonerama, etc.)” is active.


Use the blue “Share” button. You can share your profile page, an album, or a single photo. What you see is what you share. Clicking “Share” opens a new window with options for sharing and sending photos:

  1. Send the specific link to the recipient however you like. You’ll find this link at the top right of the window.
  2. To share a photo’s link on social networks, click the Facebook, Google, Twitter, Tumblr, or Pinterest icons.
  3. Send an email with previews directly from Zonerama using our template. Just fill in the recipients’ email addresses and your message.
  4. Add album previews directly to the HTML for your webpage. At the bottom of the sharing window, there is HTML code for adding an EMBED element—a small showcase for your pictures—to any webpage.

Yes—an album can be password-locked or added/moved to your hidden albums.

  1. Albums can be locked with a password. To let someone view a locked album, send them that password. To lock an album, move the mouse over it in the album list, and then click the lock icon that appears just below the album’s name. This shows a password window. Type the password in the top of the window. To hide the album instead, move it to the “Hidden Albums” folder, or to another folder you’ve set as hidden. To move a folder, click the folder icon.
  2. To lock an album after creating it, use “Edit Profile” (the pencil icon) at the top of your gallery’s main page. Then go to the folder with the album you want to lock. Then move the mouse over the album. This makes icons appear along the left edge of the album cover. Click the lock icon to lock the album. (To move the album to a hidden folder instead, e.g. the Hidden Albums folder, use the folder icon.)

Yes, as long as the owner allowed their downloading, you can download photos, or a whole album. To do so, click “Download.” In the overview of an album’s photos, this is to the right of the blue “Share” button. To download a photo that you are viewing in a slideshow, click the “Download” button as well. In this case, it’s at the bottom right.

Photos on the Internet can always be stolen. However, stealing photos can be easy or difficult. Zonerama can make stealing and abusing your photos difficult.

  1. Photos cannot be downloaded from Zonerama using “Save picture as” in a browser’s right-click menu. That just downloads an empty GIF file.
  2. In the Upload Photos window, uncheck “Permit photo downloads.” Then no photo download icon will appear by your photos.
  3. Also, you can watermark photos while uploading them. To do so, use the upload window’s “Watermarking” options.

Yes. Your gallery can be viewed without problems in every common mobile browser.

You cannot directly add a comment to a single photo. But you can share the photo on social networks, and you can like the photo on Zonerama by clicking the blue “Like” button.

It’s easy to tell an author that you like their photo. To do that, click the “Like” button. If you like the photographer’s work overall, then follow them! On their main page, with the overview of all their albums, click “Follow.” Then their updated and new albums will automatically be shown to you, under “Activity.” Users with the "Let other users send me messages via a contact form" enabled can be contacted via the Envelope Icon in the top bar on their profile page. From the user's album click on the Other settings/three little squares in the top bar and select "Contact this User".

By default, the Send me Message option is disabled. Activate it from by clicking on your photo/avatar in the top bar on the right, select Zonerama Settings and enable the option "Let other users send me messages via a contact form".

Other functions

On your main page (“My Photos”), click the pencil icon at the top right to reach the “Edit Profile” page. Your folders are listed along the bottom here. You start out with two folders: “Public Albums” and “Hidden Albums.” You can also add other folders. To add a folder, click “+”. (Use folders to organize your albums by topic, country visited, person photographed, customer order type, or anything you please.)

Yes. There are two possibilities.

  1. Use Zoner Photo Studio to fill in EXIF information in the photo before uploading it to Zonerama. Pictures’ Title and Description info will display automatically as you browse albums.
  2. Open the photo and then click the pencil icon on the right—it means “Photo Description.”

Every picture from a digital camera includes "metadata," that is, information about the picture. Metadata is often classified into types by the standard used for storing it. One of these types is EXIF data. EXIF data contains things like the picture-taken date, the camera model, and exposure information. Zonerama leaves the original photo untouched, including its metadata, and it can display the metadata. If a picture’s metadata includes GPS coordinates, then its shot location is also shown, using a map. To show all of this information, click the “i” icon at the bottom right.